Mala Beads Bracelet Buddhist Mala Prayer Beads Buddha Blessing Necklace Obsidian Tiger Eye Beads

Mala Beads Bracelet Buddhist Mala Prayer Beads Buddha Blessing Necklace Obsidian Tiger Eye Beads

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  • Quality Fashion Jewelry for Gift Giving: The Beaded Bracelets are handmade & quality inspected. They are perfect for birthday gifts for girls, women, teachers, mom, aunt, nana, families, nieces and best friends.
  • Mala bracelets are good for Buddhist praying, meditation, or other practices. They also have use as jewelry in daily life or to pray for Buddha blessings.
  • Buddhist Mala Prayer Beads bracelets are a tool for those who practice meditation, religion, or inner calm, all around the world. They are used to keep you focused and away from distractions.
  • These types of beads are used by monks in various parts of Asia. In Tibetan Buddhism 108 beads can be used as a rosary, Tibetan / Buddhist prayer beads, meditation bracelet, be worn by girls, women, boys, or men.
  • It is great for mantra chanting, yoga and zen meditation practices. The beads are a great meditation tools. To use them while meditating, hold a bead between your middle finger and thumb on your right hand, while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra while moving from bead to bead.
  • Made with Obsidian gemstone beads. There are 4 sets of (27) black gemstone beads before each larger set of Tiger Eye beads. 

Ideal Thoughtful Gifts 
Perfect for all gift occasions: Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Valentine's Day, anniversary, holidays, parties, prom, meeting, dating, wedding, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, and Halloween.

Suitable for all everyday wear such as T-shirts, sweaters, clothing, and dresses. Best gift for your friends, wife, girlfriend, fiancé, sisters, mother, teachers, or VIP customers. 

A special treatment for yourself as a reminder to smile, share more love, create more meaningful moments, or to become the focus of the crowd.